people make the difference....

Choroni, North coast near Cracas, Playa Grande

Chuao, the best cocoa in the world

Cacao tree

ritual mask

cocoa machine

Sra Morelia



local painting

Merida from the lift

Los Llianos !

Huge anaconda


holding an anteater

pity to eat this beauty...but delicious..

A capibara

Isla Margarita

Playa Zaragoza, Isla Margarita


there is a lot of food for everybody..!

Orinoko river, dolphins

local houses

a piranha

he is not joking...

Orinoko at sunset !

the schoolteacher

and his students

this is Perito

he likes jam...!

Ibises going to bed..

La Grande Savana, south

My Swiss friend

Table-like mountains

local houses

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